Welcome to  HIGHLAND ECO  Tours

Discovery Central Highlands of Vietnam

HIGHLAND ECO TOURS is a  company established in Kontum with a whole team of experienced guides who have worked for Kontumtourist for over 22 years. With the experience of tourism, especially the Central Highlands.

Our company regularly organizes tours: gongs, homestay, trekking, wooden boating, visiting Former battlefields, ethnic villages  and organizing ecological tours,  active community…

With experience and reputation in the field of tourism services, strong relationships with large partners around the world, dynamic and professional staff, Highlands Eco Tours always try to bring guests find the most valuable travel products.

Highlands Eco Tours attaches great importance to the sense of corporate responsibility for the community and the environment, the development of products and business activities on the basis of harmony of business interests with the social community, environmentally friendly nature.

– Comply with the quality standards and commitment announced to customers.

– View service quality and customer convenience are the top criteria in the orientation and business activities of Highlands Eco Tours.


– Mountain scenery, waterfalls, jungle.

– Discover the villages, home town  of coffee , rubber, pepper  plantations

– Discover the ethnic minority villages and diverse cultures of the Plateau

– Enjoy the Gong performance

– Boat trips or Dugout on rivers and lakes

Trek through the Central Highlands of Vietnam, go down the DakBla River in a dugout canoe, hike through valleys and along mountain trails... even picnic in the jungle and ride an elephant! Visit our villages and spend a night in a "Rong House" or have a Homestay, learn about our culture and history, meet our wonderful people, enjoy our delicious food (and sample our wine!), and experience the Central Highlands in an eco-friendly way!

Join us for the adventure of a lifetime!

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